Friday, 18 December 2015

What Goes around Comes around…sometimes at least

I was invited by my co-worker to a girl’s weekend away in New York. This was an annual trip they went on to attend the Labour Day Parade; I was a little apprehensive about staying in a two bedroom apartment with seven other women, in Flatbush, so I booked two nights at The W in Manhattan in case I needed space. I knew a guy in New York and he promised to join me for the two nights I was staying at The W.
This trip was a lot of firsts for me, it was my first time going to a club that was really a parking lot, the first time I’ve gone to buy alcohol at a liquor store you don’t enter, the bottles are delivered through a slot, and the first time I’d been stood up.
When I got to The W I unpacked my clothes, and counted my US dollars to see how much money I’d spent so far. I recounted my money several times and went over what I’d spent but my purchases didn’t add up to what I had left. I’d only been in New York two nights, I knew I was missing $100, my date didn’t show up so it wasn’t him. I spent the next two days in Manhattan shopping, and my nights tucked away in my room.
When I returned to the apartment with the other girls I tried not to think about the missing money but it was hard. I couldn’t wait to go home. Everyone left money for our hostess, I got attitude because I didn't leave as much as the other’s did, in my defense, someone in that room stole money from me, two nights out of the four I stayed at a hotel, so fuck you guy’s.
When we got back to Toronto I told the girl who’d invited me on the trip about the money I had taken from me, her come back the next day was that her and her sister were also missing money, ya right. I replied by saying it had to be one of the other two girls. The next thing I know she gets one of those girls a job in our restaurant, and tells her what I’d said, which made working with her awkward. This 90 lb pip squeak threatened to cut me if I spoke about her again. It takes a lot more than you to scare me after working with the servers in downtown Toronto. It was only a matter of weeks before money went missing at work from someone’s wallet and the little bitch was tossed.
A month later it was my birthday. I didn’t have any plans so I decided to treat myself to a day of shopping. I copied the hair style I learned from the girls in New York, a curl done with a triple barrel curling iron, which creates a nice luxurious wave, then I went to the MAC makeup store to find the shadows she used that were eye catching.
As I searched the MAC store for the shadows, I was unaware that I was being watched through the glass. After I gathered up the colors I thought were the one’s she used on me, I walked up to the mirror and applied them to my eyes, I nailed it. They were exactly the one’s I was looking for.
I asked the sales clerk for the shadow’s then walked up to pay for them, which is when a hand appeared from behind me that placed a $100 bill on the counter, and a voice that asked if that was enough to cover it, I said yes, and the voice disappeared before I could say thank you.
The change from that sale was $65.00; I didn’t know what to do with it. I walked out of the store and looked down each hallway to see if anyone was lingering. I could see two men leaning against a wall in the distance, it had to be them. I had two choices, one I could turn right and never see them again; two I could walk over, thank him, and ask if he wanted his change back. I chose two because that’s the way I was brought up.
The gentleman didn’t want his change, all he wanted was to have lunch and continue shopping for whatever else I had on my list. I agreed it seemed harmless; I was in a large mall surrounded by people. We had lunch, then went to Aritzia and I tried on the Citizen Jeans I’d been eyeing, he bought them for me, then he asked what else I was looking for, the next thing on my birthday list was a Coach purse. He asked if he could pick the next store and took me to Victoria's Secret instead, then told me to pick out anything I wanted. I felt uncomfortable, but he insisted, three hundred dollars later; I had a new bikini, workout top, a miracle bra and panties. After that he said he was at his limit for the day, he gave me his number, and told me he’d leave it up to me whether I wanted to see him again.
I may not have received a signed confession but the fact that I was told by this man it was my hair style that caught his eye, and the colors of the eye shadow I tried on that made him buy them for me, is enough proof for me that I was right in accusing her. I lost one hundred but gained over $400 in birthday gifts.
Any time someone does something bad to me, I thank them, because I can’t wait to enjoy the next wonderful thing that will happen.

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