Friday, 18 December 2015

I Keep Chasing Them Away

It was my first girl’s night out after doing the Bernstein diet; my body was slim, and completely empty. The alcohol went straight to my head, and my desire to kiss someone kicked in instantly.
I saw him checking me out from across the room, he was 6'2", slim, light skinned, with blue eyes, he signaled me to come over. Whether it was my age, food deprivation, being single for five years, or all 3, I didn't care I gave myself permission to engage in any intimacy I desired. I told him straight up not to waste my time, if he wasn’t hung, he should move on. He took my hand and put it on his leg, I hit the jackpot, there was an anaconda running down his thigh. I’m not the type of person to ditch her friends; so this hook up had to be put on hold. I went back to drinking and dancing with the girls, Asa and I waited until the end of the night to be together.
Three months later Asa called to meet up with me again; he was thin, in a lot of pain, and walking with a cane. He said he’d been in a car accident, and was recovering. Over the next few years we saw each other off and on, he slowly got better. When he'd made a full recovery he told me the truth, that he’d been battling cancer, and wasn't sure if he was going to make it. He didn't want me to know, because he was afraid I'd only be seeing him out of pity. 
It was a beautiful fall afternoon when I last heard from Asa; he called me to meet him in Buffalo. I saw him the second I crossed the border. He was standing next to his brand new Mercedes, with a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers in his hand, looking gorgeous and healthy like the night I’d met him. He wrapped his arms around me, gave me a big kiss, then jumped in his car, and told me to follow him. He wanted to show me the plans he had for our future, the University he was going to attend, and where he saw us getting married. We hopped into our own vehicles and onto the freeway, when we got to the University we went for a long walk. The grounds around the campus were beautiful miles of green grass, and large leafy trees, that’s how I picture that day in my mind any way.
After our walk we got back into our cars, Asa told me to follow him back to his place. As we approached the toll booth he started to speed up, then he jumped a few cars ahead of me. I could see him pay the toll, the next thing I saw was him speeding off. When I reached the toll booth he was almost out of sight, I could barely catch up to him he was going so fast. I saw him exit up ahead; part of me was thinking I should just go home and never speak to him again. The other part of me was enraged and determined to make him own up to whatever shenanigans he was pulling. I took the same exit and continued to follow him, I caught up to him again, then he turned, and sped up. We were on a high speed car chase through the city streets of Buffalo, my heart was pounding out of my chest. 
I dialed his cell phone in an attempt to put an end to this, of course he was a pussy and didn’t answer. He made another turn; I was right on his tail, he couldn’t shake me. I’d had enough of this shit with men, this one was not going to get away. I was determined to make him face me, and man up to whatever game he was playing.
When I made the left turn to follow him he was stopped on the side of the street facing my direction, he waited until I got next to him, then took off, by the time I turned my car around he was gone. 
I was shaking, and crying, I called my mom sobbing, asking her why this was happening to me. All she ever wanted was to see me happy; instead all she ever saw was me getting my heart broken.
Well when that door closed there was a big surprise behind the next door that opened.
I knew I was watching too much television when I made my own celebrity list, because I’d seen this on several sitcoms. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a top ten list of celebrities you would like to have sex with. Couples make a list and if they get the chance they have permission to sleep with their celebrity crush.
I'm being influenced by television, yes I realize how pathetic that is.
As it turned out when I was leaving a club in downtown Toronto someone handed me a flyer, on that flyer was an announcement that the person on the top of my list was hosting a party at a club in Toronto, and not just any club, but my favorite club, Fluid. When that night came I debated whether I should go, of course curiosity got the best of me. I never thought I would be in the same room as this young man let alone be able to attract his attention.
Let's just call this my Hail Mary to resuscitate my self-confidence after my car chase fiasco. I honestly didn't even think he would show up.
When Carry and I got inside the club we walked to the back to check our coats, then headed to the bar for a drink, and there he was. I didn’t know what to do, there were girls allover him. I was determined to get close enough to him that he could make a move if he was interested. I led the way up to the bar, some how with ease I managed to be standing right beside him as I ordered our drinks, within minutes he whispered in my ear, “I'd like to fuck the shit out of you and your friend tonight."
Not exactly the fantasy I had in mind, we aren't into threesome's but I could break that news to him later, for the time being I would to let Mr. NBA believe that's what was going to happen tonight.
The next thing I know this club rat walks in out of nowhere and whispers something to him, then he and his crew start getting ready to leave. I couldn’t believe she was ruining this for me. I know his proposition was vulgar, I was a single forty year old about to hook up with the number one person on my celebrity list, and the number 1 player in the NBA, cut me some slack. Okay, maybe I was a little out of control.
I sent Carry running to the coat check to grab our jackets, hoping he would invite us to join him wherever he was going. While she was getting the coats he leaned down, and asked me if we were coming with them. Uh ya!
Everyone piled into the Black SUV’s, we arrived at Brant House which was not busy at all, we loaded into the SUV’s again and headed back to his hotel for an after party.
I don’t kiss and tell, unless its mind blowing.
Come on, you can't promise a girl all night then last a few minutes.

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